New Arrival Shantui SD16 Bulldozer Excellent Condition Shangtui Bulldozer (SD16)

construction machinery 160HP SD16 crawler shantui bulldozer for saleOur company will offer you the best quality products with reasonable price,quick delivery,and professional after-sale service.Please don\'t hesitate to let us&nbs

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construction machinery 160HP SD16 crawler shantui bulldozer for sale

Our company will offer you the best quality products with reasonable price,quick delivery,and professional after-sale service.

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Technical characteristics


 Weichai WP10G178E355 engine, sufficient power, easy to maintain, with high combustion efficiency and environmental advantages, in line with national emission standards.

Drive system:

 Planetary power shift, forced lubrication gearbox, hydraulic power steering system to make the machine light operation, with high transmission power and efficient production efficiency.

 Three-element single-stage single-phase hydraulic torque converter, simple and reliable structure, improve the machine's automatic adaptability, the power smoothly transmitted to the transmission system, which can effectively protect the transmission system and improve the smoothness of the bulldozer operation and comfort Sex.

 central drive, the use of spiral bevel gear, a slowdown, splash lubrication form.

 steering clutch, wet, multi-piece spring compression, hydraulic separation, manual - hydraulic operation; steering brake: the use of wet, floating belt, hydraulic power form.

Chassis system:

 The eight-beam swing type, balance beam suspension structure, connecting the rack and the walking system can transfer the working load and impact load to the main frame during operation, thus effectively improving the stability of the small bulldozer in complicated working conditions.

 Construction site is not flat to ensure that the frame relative to the upper and lower swing, reduce vibration, to play the role of protection of the machine.

cooling system:

 Closed system, so that the tank pressure to maintain a certain value, can improve the cooling water evaporation temperature and cooling efficiency. Fan power from the engine, forced air to enhance the cooling effect.

Working hydraulic system:

 mainstream 14MPa hydraulic system, stable, with overload protection, can significantly reduce the failure rate of hydraulic components.

Electrical System:

 Vehicle waterproof connector, the use of new relays and injection molding instrument can effectively remove the electrical system failure, instrument box set air conditioning, electrical appliances, instruments as one, more beautiful high-end.

Driving system:

 new hexahedron cab, with large internal space and open field of vision, excellent sealing structure play a dust, low noise, with high-power dual-use air-conditioning, so that the operator in the work more secure and comfortable.

 The console's instrument, the instrument is stable and reliable, the reading intuitive and accurate, with alarm function; driving seats and handrails, can be easily adjusted up and down, variable speed, steering and engine hand throttle handle on the left, to the operator to Comfortable operating experience.

 High-brightness hernia lamp has a wide range of radiation, more convenient night construction and ensure safety.


 eye-catching mark, accurately remind the owner of the correct maintenance, the battery maintenance-free; open-type hood to fully expose the internal parts, easy to check and maintenance.

 Because of the high reliability, the average trouble-free for a long time, the use of maintenance costs are cheaper than other manufacturers.

 Mountain push the perfect service network, timely and thoughtful service, is your peace of mind to use the equipment of the intimate guarantee, durable product quality, in line with your expectations of the mountain push equipment.
New Arrival Shantui SD16 Bulldozer Excellent Condition Shangtui Bulldozer (SD16)
New Arrival Shantui SD16 Bulldozer Excellent Condition Shangtui Bulldozer (SD16)
New Arrival Shantui SD16 Bulldozer Excellent Condition Shangtui Bulldozer (SD16)
New Arrival Shantui SD16 Bulldozer Excellent Condition Shangtui Bulldozer (SD16)

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