RC commercial vehicles: remote-controlled excavators, cranes and tractors from 10 euros - Market Research Telecast

2022-04-26 08:26:02 By : Mr. David Wang

Now is dredging and digging. This guide is dedicated to remote-controlled commercial vehicles and construction machinery. We show common options for a remote-controlled construction vehicle from excavators to wheel loaders, dump trucks, cranes or tractors and what they cost. In doing so, we go into essential properties such as radio technology, size and intended use. In this article we only consider RTR models (“ready to run”) – no kits.

RC excavators for beginners up to 70 euros

There is a wide range of remote-controlled shovel excavators. It ranges from the handy toy excavator for less than 10 euros to the true-to-scale and detailed remote-controlled chain excavator made of full metal for several hundred euros. From 35 euros you can get shovel excavators with crawler tracks from manufacturers such as S-idee or Amewi. These have a remote control and an electric motor to control the excavator and the shovel. The battery life ranges from just under 15 minutes for smaller models to 40 minutes for larger models. Functions such as proportional control or hydraulics are not to be expected in this price range.

Small models such as the Revell Mini RC Digger in question. The mini excavator is available from 8 euros and is quite compact with a length of 10 centimeters. The 27 MHz frequency band is also used here as radio technology. This only offers a range of a few meters and is prone to interference if another RC toy nearby is broadcasting on the same frequency. All other model excavators presented are already using the 2.4 GHz frequency. This allows several crawler excavators to be used at the same time.

We took a closer look at a no-name brand RC excavator. Banggood the plastic model costs just under 25 Euro. With a scale of 1:24, the vehicle is still compact and has a length of 23 centimeters. A remote control and a lithium-ion battery with 800 mAh are included. The battery lasts about 20 minutes, charging via a USB-A cable takes just under 100 minutes.

The controls are very simple: the left lever drives forwards or backwards, the right control button turns the vehicle on the spot. To operate the shovel, press the left button on the controller. The right button activates an automatic demo mode. The whole thing accompanies the remote-controlled construction machine with a loud and slightly annoying background noise, which is supposed to be reminiscent of machine noises. The tower can only be moved and locked by hand. A remote controlled excavator like the one from Banggood clearly belongs to the toy category.

Other comparable vehicles made of plastic with background sound from Jamara, Amewi and Dickie Toys can be found in the price range up to 50 euros with a scale between 1:27 and 1:20. It is a bit more professional Vale 2.0 Bagger from DF-Models. This has a metal shovel that can be replaced with a grapple for branches. The tower even moves in the desired direction via remote control. With a scale of 1:14, the detailed vehicle is significantly larger, with a length of 39 centimeters and a weight of 1.6 kilograms. It is less suitable for small children, so the manufacturer recommends the product for ages 8 and up. The Jamara Liebherr R936 on a scale of 1:20 or the Carson crawler excavator Volvo on a scale of 1:16. These models can even be used to a limited extent outdoors in the sandpit in good weather.

High quality metal RC excavator

Those who have a higher quality standard can choose the metal model. As a true-to-original replica of real construction machines, they are much more resistant and thus allow outdoor use when it is not raining.

The entry-level metal excavator is that Revell Control Digger 2.0 on a scale of 1:16. With a price of 55 euros or more, it is hardly more expensive than its plastic competitors. In addition to a shovel, a gripper arm is available. The main arm with shovel is controllable and allows excavation below the ground line. The driver’s cab can be swiveled. A replaceable NiMh battery with 400 mAh supplies the remote-controlled construction machine with power.

Of the Siku Control 32 Liebherr R980 SME crawler excavator made of metal and plastic offers significantly more precision in operation. Proportional control is used here. The more you operate the individual controls, the faster the excavator model moves. The same applies to the control of the tower and shovel. Two electric motors are used for the drive, supported by four servomotors for the superstructure and the excavator shovel. With a scale of 1:32 it is a compact model with a length of 40 centimeters and a weight of 2.5 kilograms. The precision has its price at 180 euros.

The full metal excavators from Amewi on a scale of 1:14 are real heavyweights. The construction machines weigh an impressive 8 to 10 kilograms. This makes it difficult to transport the vehicles with a length of around 70 centimeters. In return, they can also move heavy objects and are more stable. At prices of almost 400 euros, these models are not suitable for children. Amewi recommends a minimum age of 14 years. A hydraulic system with an oil pump is not yet used in these models. You can only get something like this at Amewi from 1600 euros.

Remote controlled wheel loaders and bulldozers

Remote-controlled wheel loaders are faster on the move. On the construction site, these are used for loading and transporting goods or for earthmoving work and gravel. The indoor toys are suitable for children from 3 years of age Jamara First RC Radlader and the Carrera RC First Bagger for 25 euros each. These remote-controlled vehicles are not true to scale. The battery lasts for a maximum of 20 minutes of fun.

If you are looking for a true-to-the-original model, you will find suitable commercial vehicles made of plastic and metal from Jamara and Amewi in 1:18 or 1:20 scale from 30 euros. At the Jamara Radlader 440 fortunately, the annoying engine noise can be switched off. These construction vehicles are more for children from the age of 8 or adults who are young at heart and can be used for a good 30 minutes on one battery charge. Anyone looking for a metal wheel loader with proportional control for outdoor use has to spend more than 220 euros at Amewi. These are then only recommended from the age of 14.

A bulldozer, also known as a bulldozer, is a tracked vehicle with a steel shield on the front. On construction sites, they tear or loosen up the soil in order to level surfaces. The range of remote-controlled models is manageable. At the Carson RC-Bulldozer From 40 euros it is a toy with engine sound and a radio frequency of 2.4 GHz on a scale of 1:20. That Construction machinery set of 2 from HBS Hubsons includes a dump truck in addition to a bulldozer. There is also a complete set with a crawler excavator.

RC tractors with and without front loaders

In terms of handling, tractors are comparable to a wheel loader. There are versions with and without trailers as well as front loaders – this is a shovel for lifting and moving loads such as bales of hay or straw.

The entry makes the Revell Control Mini RC Claas Axion 960 Traktor from 15 euros. Revell gives an age recommendation from 8 years. The replica of the famous Claas Axion 960 tractor has a scale of 1:18. Here, however, only an analog frequency of 40 MHz is used for the radio connection. This only offers a range of around 5 meters and is susceptible to interference if other RC vehicles with the same bandwidth are radioing nearby. The same goes for the Maisto Tech RC New Holland Traktorthat uses 27 MHz.

Other remote-controlled tractors on a scale of 1:16 cost 40 to 70 euros and transmit at 2.4 GHz, which allows a greater range and occurs without interference. The significantly smaller ones play a special role Rc tractors from Elbow Control 32 on a scale of 1:32 from 100 euros. These radio with Bluetooth and allow control via app. The is suitable for real professionals Yumoya RC Tractor in 1:10 scale made of full metal for 185 euros.

A real crane should not be missing on any construction site. The cheapest entry makes the Revell Control Mini RC Kranwagen from just under 8 euros. The compact construction vehicle measures 10 centimeters in length and is suitable as an indoor toy for children. It doesn’t run for more than 5 minutes and still transmits at 40 MHz. Buyers can get a scale loading crane from Jamara for as little as 40 euros. A tower crane from the manufacturer costs 55 euros, a heavy-duty crane on a Mercedes truck costs 65 euros. Amewi also offers a 1:14 scale crane excavator from 54 euros.

A dump truck is an ideal addition to a crane or crawler excavator. This is an all-terrain truck, which is also called a dump truck. On construction sites, in road construction or in mines, it is used to transport loose bulk goods such as earth, asphalt, gravel or stone. When you arrive at your destination, the loading area tilts back to unload the bulk goods again.

The is suitable as a toy for children in their own four walls Revell Control Mini RC Muldenkipper from 10 euros as well as the Revell Control Muldenkipper from 40 euros. Both still operate in the MHz range. From 50 euros you can get true-to-scale dump trucks and RC trucks with tippers with 2.4 GHz RC from Jamara and Carson. The dump truck is controlled by radio and the skip can be raised if desired. Anyone who already has a Siku RC truck can use a tipping semi-trailer. The splash-proof is very detailed and of high quality Mercedes Benz Arocs with all-wheel drive from Amewi for just under 100 euros. The high-end version of the truck is also available with proportional steering for more than 200 euros.

Last but not least, we come to the forklifts. The range of inexpensive toys is limited here, only that would be mentioned RC forklift from Goods & Gadgets for 40 euros. True-to-original versions of these industrial trucks are available at prices between 80 and 150 euros from Amewi, Carson, Lean Toys or Huina Toys on a scale of 1:10 or 1:14 with a radio frequency of 2.4 GHz.

Anyone who has always wanted their own construction site vehicle can get RC commercial vehicles at prices from 10 euros. The cheapest models of RC excavators, cranes or dump trucks are mainly suitable for indoor use and as toys for children. True-to-scale construction vehicles with a true-to-the-original look can be found for as little as 35 euros.

If you want to use the RC model outdoors more often, you should pay attention to the appropriate processing. Here models made of metal are available from 50 euros. Particularly high-quality commercial vehicles offer proportional control, but this is reflected in prices above 200 euros.