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2022-04-26 08:19:33 By : Mr. Jack Yang

The launch of the Shantui Dozer DH24 – DH20 series is a solution for Dozer needs according to current customer demands.PT Gaya Makmur Tractors (GM Tractors) as a company engaged in the well-known heavy equipment distributor launched the new Shantui Dozer DH24-DH20 series, on Saturday (26 March 2022).Sales and Marketing Director, PT GM Tractors, Yulius Sikku said that this launch is proof of us in providing solutions for Dozer needs that are in accordance with the times."Hopefully the latest Dozer from Shantui, namely the Shantui DH24 - DH20 series, can be a solution for consumer businesses," he said at the launch event which was held in a hybrid manner.Before being officially introduced to the public, the Shantui Dozer DH24 – DH20 series has been trialled in various sectors such as mining and oil palm plantations for approximately 7 months.And, the results are able to work or show quite optimal performance.Furthermore, Yulius added that his party was the sole agent of Shantui branded heavy equipment for 17 years.And during that time, GM Tractors and Shantui continued to strengthen their relationship by understanding the needs of bulldozers in Indonesia with economical and reliable products."In 2021, the Shantui Dozer will be increasingly accepted in Indonesia.And, currently Shantui has occupied the number two market share in Indonesia.This achievement is a motivation for GM Tractors and Shantui to innovate and improve themselves.By improving after-sales service and presenting a new Dozer model that is more efficient and reliable," he said.Yulius explained that after 17 years of running and continuing to move forward, it is our determination and hope to support and succeed in the business/business of our consumers by providing solutive after-sales services.Fahrudin, Marketing Communication Manager of PT GM Tractors, said that his party together with Shantui Dozer again held a product launch event for the Shantui Dozer DH-24-Dh20 series.“Shantui DH24-DH20 series has implemented Hydrostatic technology.So that the operation of this unit is much easier, with a single handle for steering control and blade control which is very easy and comfortable.In addition, the application of the hydrostatic drive system makes this type of Dozer more agile and flexible in moving and maneuvering with a fast and accurate response, "he said.On that occasion, GM Tractors presented a variety of interesting event materials, in addition to the virtual launch of the Shantui Dozer DH24-DH20.On that occasion, it also offered various promo sales programs that provided special offers at special prices and attractive bonuses.There are also two promos, namely a 3,000 hour or 18 month guarantee and a 2,000 hour free filter for the first 30 units.A Lucky Draw was also held for participants who took part through the Zoom Meeting platform.From the information obtained, Shantui is the only heavy equipment manufacturer from China that produces and sells the most bulldozers (dozers).In addition, Shantui not only produces Dozers but also other heavy equipment products such as excavators, loaders, road machinery and others.Since its establishment in 1980, Shantui has been synonymous with bulldozers in China.This is because Shantui is known as a bulldozer specialist who consistently controls more than 60% of the bulldozer market share in his home country and is currently the number one bulldozer producer and seller in the world.The advantages of Shantui Dozer DH24 – DH20 seriesThe new product Shantui Dozer DH24 – DH20 series has various advantages, namely being able to produce strong, efficient & economical performance.In addition, it is equipped with a precise control system and has a cabin (operating room) that is comfortable & safe for the operator.It is also easy for the operator to make quick shifts or variable speed selection, as the fully electronic (dashboard) controls provide fully automatic shifting and allow for fine control.Shantui Dozer DH24 – DH20 is equipped with Weichan Engine, Linde Hydraulic system, SHANTUI transmission & undercarriage system, all in the same group namely Shandong Heavy Industry Group (SHIG), a world renowned engine system manufacturer & supplier.With the advantages of a controlled engine, saving fuel because it is converted to a turbo and equipped with direct fuel injection which functions to maximize power and fuel efficiency.Low fuel consumption, spare parts available and low maintenance costs.Meanwhile, the control system uses a PPC (Proportional Pressure Control) Joystick to control the blade & ripper.Joy 7 stick PPCS (Palm Command Control System) controls all direction and speed movement.(Read more in Indonesian Sawit Magazine, Issue 126)Your source for the serious news.This demo is crafted specifically to exhibit the use of the theme as a news site.Visit our main page for more demos.We're social.Connect with us:Get the latest creative news from FooBar about art, design and business.Agree to our terms and 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