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2022-09-17 03:00:49 By : Ms. Angelina chen

(CNS): Cayman Islands Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan has been voted in as chair of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO). The local minister was elected unopposed on Tuesday evening during the CTO Council of Ministers meeting at the regional tourism conference currently being hosted at the Ritz-Carlton. Bryan is the first CTO chairman from the Cayman Islands and he steps into the post after becoming tourism minister less than 18 months ago, when the borders were still closed.

Cayman Islands Director of Tourism Rosa Harris has been elected as chair of the CTO Board of Directors, giving Cayman a prominent position in the organisation as tourism goes through the process of recovery and what is expected to be a competitive time for the industry.

The Caribbean Tourism Organization is a regional association focused on the development of the sector. Its membership includes two dozen countries and territories across the region, as well as private sector entities as allied members. The organisation’s goal is to make the entire Caribbean region the most popular year-round warm-weather destination.

Bryan has said the connection and cooperation between CTO countries are at the top of his agenda for the region. During the conference discussions are taking place among member states and jurisdictions about sharing airlift, an issue that has already led to some conflict for Bryan here at home after the chair of Cayman Airways resigned last month, in part as a result of this potential policy direction. However, Bryan has said this is only in the discussion phase.

“Post-COVID era, there’s a lot of work that all of our Caribbean islands have to do in our partnership as part of this organisation to ensure that our airlift, our marketing, our focus on emerging markets, our ability to run efficiently as an entity – all those things have to be worked on,” Bryan told the Cayman Compass after his election Tuesday.

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Didn’t some members of the Cayman Airways board resign as they felt Kenneth was not actively involved ion Cayman Airways?

Maybe Kenneth is too busy and should concentrate on protecting his very precarious position at home.

Cayman Airways BoD mentioned they have not seen enough of Kenneth. Maybe this is not the best choice as there are issues at home it seems.

This tells you everything you need to know about the legitimacy of the CTO.

If these are the most qualified caymanians that we can find, we are shit out of luck. Time to evacuate the rock.

Well the USA managed Trump and Biden as their best…. I rest my case…

This appointment has been BOUGHT to you by Mac…

Looks like Big Mac pulled the rug from under KEnneth by upstaging him at his own BIG MOMENT by behaving so badly. Kenny you should give him a piece of your mind. You were set to shine until he showed up. Talk about a pig in a china chop.- not fair.

Lord almighty please help us all. young inexperienced and uneducated junior first time MLA wants to advise and guide all the Caribbean countries about tourism and how to run their countries. He’s a Master of the Universe telling seasoned politicians how to do their job, what a joke!!

Can we trade him for someone with some sense? Like Haydn Hughes maybe?

Just popping in here to ask if anyone has seen the Minister’s statement on the Miss Cayman fiasco as yet…

Focus on the country first. You’re only just getting your feet wet as a cabinet minister, and want to take on this even larger role.

This is poor judgement, fueled by ego.

Still cant fill Marco Archer shoes!

He’s not fit to even clean Marco’s shoes.

Bryan is the first CTO Chairman from a country with an out of control alcoholic as Speaker.

Also the first first CTO chairman to have been found guilty of selling cocaine.

He knows what the tourist want.

so what, this is simply incentive for you to go out and do all the things you were previously afraid to do. Our fearless speaker goes out, gets wasted, feels up a couple civil servants against their will, then says a few hail Marys at church the next day. All with his pastors blessings to go do it all again the next week. Ugh. Funny there’s absolute silence from the church on these matters. They know who truly butters their bread though I suppose.

Minister Bryan is now Tourism Minister Bartlett of Jamaica’s new puppet and our national tourism policies will reflect the interests of Jamaica.

This is a sad day for the Cayman Islands. SMH

A two year term to fill the gap until Andrew Fahie assumes the role.

According to the CTO Constitution, the Board Chairman and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers and Commissioners of Tourism must come from the same Member Country.

Rosa was appointed, not elected. Kenny was not “voted in”., there was no vote.

even at this stage Rosa is a much better candidate!

Essentially decided by GTC. What a disaster.Not necessarily supporting PPM however I am a very strong proponent of adequate responsible and accountable governance which currently is non existent. Something needs to be changed and soon.

Sick of hearing this. What was the other option for GTC? The PPM put a Frank Cornwall against him. Truly think the voting system needs to change. It was better before One Man One Vote.

Frank Cornwall was the better option of the two.

@8:29am..Seriously..your standards are set way low..

It’s ok to admit buyer’s remorse!

Just admit that the PPM gaved us a higher level of comfort and stability than these Jack@$$es.

you must be a developer or government trough feeder.

I think we need to be realistic. KB is unlikely to be defeated in GTC by anyone.

The problem is Wayne Panton, Alden and Roy – if they could have made a deal they’d be in power instead of KB and Saunders.

But look, it seems many people didn’t like the way the country was run by the PPM (and let’s face it, they messed up pretty badly on at least two fronts, the cruise piers and the dump).

Seems like it’s going about as well with the new group as anyone would expect – in other words, it’s been business as usual. Immigration is a mess and takes forever for no good reason, WP holders are treated better than PR holders and Caymanians, Mac still causing havoc. Huge surpluses are not properly put to use. Handouts abound, no public transit solutions, and on and on.

Had it not bern for Alden and PPM making the Cayman Islands one of the only nation with the lowest numbers re the Covid, many may not have lived to run for office. Residents of these islands’memories are short. Ivan had people fearing for their lives. Covid had people fearing for lives. No one learned a lesson. The biggest fault of PPM recently was allowing One-Man-One-Vote.

His sister should have ran. I heard she is very smart, better looking, and has a much better character and personality.

I guarantee though someone is being fielded for GTC next election! Not a Frank Cornwall.

Hoping ease of access gets tackled somehow. Same problems to face and this got a wierd late 1990s nostalgia to it somehow.

‘Unopposed’? Nobody else crazy enough to take the job on?

This is all a farce and an overplay to his already inflated ego.

It is a commonly known fact that at the annual meeting of the CTO the Minister of Tourism of the host Country is selected to chair the meeting.

He is not the first Minister from Cayman to be so chosen. Jim Bodden and Norman Bodden we’re similarly chosen to chair annual meetings held in Cayman many years ago.

These facts can easily be verified by checking with the CTO itself.

And he sure ain’t no Mr. Jim Bodden or Mr. Norman Bodden. They had valid passports and could fly anywhere and land and not be deported.

And Kenneth doesn’t have a valid passport and cannot fly anywhere?

Cue bulldozer and GT heritage destruction,… no one needs a passport for that…

you had me at “already inflated ego”

wow…its not just caymanians who are blind to the ineptitude of this clown.

He will be a useful tool for somebody else’s agenda

Yea, Mia Mottley and her grand plan for the Caribbean.

Yah! Convicted drug felon as CTO and sex pest as Speaker, Mr Panton should be proud of his Cabinet. Caymanians first no matter their criminal history – or criminal present with the Speaker!

Need to clean the swamp of crooks, drug dealers and women beaters

Yep, a young inexperienced Minister is selected over well educated, well seasoned, Tourism Ministers that have figured out how to get a boatload of benefits from Cayman. Trips and conferences paid by taxpayers dollars and all that goes along with it. All I can say is he is foo foo like a fox! Jr.mac is out to gain that JA vote just like his teacher. Next thing you know we will be selling ganja tours of Jamaica& Cayman. Dear Lord help us all!

Let’s wait for it… Cayman tourism delegation putting their feet in their mouths on the international stage. Again?!

I am usually able to comment coherently on most subjects but right now I an speechless! Is this real or am I having a nightmare?

Now you’ll see snout in trough expense account that even Mac would envy.

Congratulations young Mr. Bryan. Make us proud.

Can Kenneth freely enter the US yet? Enquiring minds want to know. Anyone, anyone!

Yes, as a matter of fact he can but you people only seem to be focused on all that is negative and even in the positivity you try to use every opportunity to throw someone’s past in their faces and then talk about “Christian country”. And Cayman should be for Caymanians when you take every opportunity to beat down your own when they try to move on.

A Christian country also believe that we should call a spade a spade!

4:55 pm what about the young people lives that was ruined by sellng drugs ?

Hold on…in the past, this title automatically went to the tourism minister of the country hosting the annual conference. Perhaps CNS can find out if this is still the case. I doubt Mr. Bryan could possibly have the support of all CTO ministers otherwise.

Oh God. And we thought Mac was an embarrassment.

Based on what qualifications? A thong?

Kenny is a clown for sure, but Mac is a bigger embarrassment and should be locked up.

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