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2022-09-24 03:58:47 By : Ms. Cindy Li

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is following in the footsteps — or bulldozing trail — of his predecessor, crushing 900 illegal dirt bikes and ATVs as if they were aluminum cans on Tuesday. At one point a bike got caught in the bulldozer, which had to reverse course to untangle the metal from its tracks before continuing to transform these vehicles into scrap metal.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams waved a checkered flag to start a bulldozing event, where 100 illegal dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles, confiscated by the New York City Police Department, were crushed

The mayor said the city chose to destroy the dirt bikes rather than sell or donate them because it keeps them off the street permanently. In his press conference, the mayor stated that many of the bikes don't have insurance and said he is pushing for ATV dealers to request proof of insurance and registration documents before selling the vehicles.

"It's reckless and it's illegal. It puts everyone at risk. Other drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and not to mention the bike riders themselves," said Sewell. Message received, Commissioner. Message received.

If only we could do this with illegal weapons!

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