The Best Menswear Clothing Care Products: Hangers, Steamers and More – Robb Report

2023-01-03 14:05:46 By : Mr. Brian and Eddy

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The Best Menswear Clothing Care Products: Hangers, Steamers and More – Robb Report

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What do you get for the man who has it all? Well, perhaps things to better care for and maintain said all, including a portable shoeshine stand from Lorenzo Milano, better-built garment bags by Arterton and Nakata’s handmade Japanese hangars. And should that hypothetical individual be you, we trust you’ll find plenty of worthy self-gifting options below to keep your most precious menswear investments in top form for years to come. Related Stories From Saks Fifth Avenue to Kith: Retailers Are Now Charging You to Make Returns Gucci Celebrates the Year of the Rabbit With a Special Capsule Collection Full of Cheer The 10 Best Rocks Glasses for Serious Whiskey Connoisseurs, From Nude to Baccarat

Sadly, those airport and train station shoeshine stands aren’t as common as they once were. The solution? Bringing your own shoeshine stand with you, in the form of this leather travel case from Lorenzo Milano stocked with polishing creams, daubers and natural-haired wood brushes.

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To protect from dust, moths or the indignities of travel, it’s important to have a quality garment bag—and not the plastic freebies that may have come with a garment’s purchase. Instead, invest in this version from Arterton, which is made from hefty waxed canvas and finished with a dual zip opening that saves you from wrestling to retrieve its precious wares.

Buy Now on Arteron: £76.67 (About $95)

Leather, lest we forget, is a skin. And much like your own epidermis, requires a little moisturizing here and there. For that need consider Ettinger’s specifically developed leather balm, which is packed with natural and nourishing nutrients and can be applied with a dab of the included polishing cloth.

Valet stands are a potent symbol of a more elegant past in danger of slipping away forever—in other words, the very stuff Ralph Lauren is made of. The brand’s own take on this old-timey fixture is as sophisticated as it gets, made from solid brass and leather and prepared to hold your jacket on a night when you’re too tired to return it to the closet.

Buy Now on Saks Fifth Avenue: $2,595

We were going to tell you that you should have two distinct garment brushes: one for wool, and one for cashmere. But that advice is obsolete thanks to the Hanger Project, who spent years developing this two-sided pig hair brush whose shorter bristles are intended for treating wool while its longer side takes on cashmere.

Buy Now on Hanger Project: $295

If you’ve never described a suit hanger as “sexy,” then you’ve never seen Nakata’s AUT-03 model. Handmade in Japan from European beechwood, it features contoured, sculptural shoulder bars that will nicely fill out a bespoke suit and can be engraved with the owner’s name for that extra-special something.

Buy Now on Arteron: £65 (About $81

If there’s one thing we recommend not doing to a suit, it’s crumpling it up at the bottom of a carry-on. Fortunately, Bennett Winch solved this common travel conundrum by developing its S.C. Holdall, which is essentially a garment bag that can be wrapped around a matching duffel and secured by magnets and straps.

Buy Now on Bennett Winch: $1,150

We’ve all heard of the “shower trick”—but you can save water and give your suit a more targeted blast of wrinkle-release by packing Steamery’s travel steamer. Best of all, it’s ready to de-wrinkle in just 25 seconds, ensuring you won’t be any later to that meeting you’re already running late to.

Buy Now on Mr Porter: $145

Some might say that it’s hard to get excited over a shoe tree—but we’d counter that it’s difficult to keep investment-worthy shoes in fighting shape without them. From loafers to oxfords you can’t go wrong with this classic offering from Sid Mashburn, made from unlacquered cedar that will refresh your footwear and add a nice, forestry aroma to the shoe portion of your closet.

Buy Now on Sid Mashburn: $30

As sneakers continue to earn respect as bonafide investment pieces, a nascent sneaker-cleaning industry has sprung up around them. Perhaps the most thorough option on the market comes from Reshoevn8r, whose Executive Cleaning Kit is stocked with wipes, cleaning solution, shoe trees, sneaker-specific laundry bags and more miscellany to keep your kicks looking as fresh as the day you bought them.

Buy Now on Reshoevn8r: $249

If you’re going to wash your most prized cashmere sweaters at home, you should know what you’re doing. And few are more qualified in that department than Johnstons of Elgin, who have been working with fine wool and cashmere since 1797 and now produce this fabric-specific soap made from plant-derived ingredients and lightly scented with cedarwood and orange oil to deter moths.

Buy Now on Johnstons of Elgin: $25

We bear no ill will against any living thing—clothes moths excepted. Those pests can bite the dust courtesy of these traps that utilize weapons-grade pheromones to lure the unwanted closet-crashers to an early grave.

Buy Now on Hanger Project: $115

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The Best Menswear Clothing Care Products: Hangers, Steamers and More – Robb Report

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