"You want my wife, huh?": They filmed torturing a young man before they threw him into the Sava - Telegraf.rs

2022-04-26 08:23:03 By : Ms. Lisa Wei

Members of the Brcko District Police found the body of Edin Zejcirovic, 30, twenty days after his disappearance was reported.The body was found in Sava at the Vučilovac site, and the police arrested three people last Wednesday on suspicion of torturing and then killing Zejćirović, while the fourth suspect is still being searched for.The perpetrators filmed the brutal torture and murder, and the video then appeared on social networks.The recording shows one of the killers saying to the young man: “You want my wife, huh?Do you want to see my wife?You called her to see if she needed anything ”...Because of the words spoken, it is suspected that the motive for the murder was revenge out of jealousy.This video also shows the harassment and beating of the unfortunate young man with severe insults and swearing, and due to the controversial content, he was soon withdrawn from all platforms.The detainees were ordered to be detained for one month.- Detention of suspects SH (40), SD (22) and NH (26), all from the District, was ordered for fear of hiding, destroying, altering or falsifying evidence or clues important to the criminal proceedings, or obstructing the criminal proceedings. influencing witnesses, accomplices or cover-ups.In addition, the detention is justified by the criminal act for which it is suspected, for which a sentence of imprisonment of ten years or a heavier sentence can be imposed, and which is especially difficult considering the manner of execution or its consequences - the Brcko District Prosecutor's Office said in a statement.Police are still searching for S. Š.who was allegedly in the group that inflicted fatal injuries on Zejćirović, and then pushed him into the Sava River.According to "Avaz", it is suspected that the suspect left BiH and is currently in Germany.Zejcirovic had his last contact with his parents on November 17, since when all trace of him has disappeared.Until Wednesday, brother Kenan and his parents believed he was alive, but were informed that he had been killed and thrown into the Sava.Send us your recordings, photos and stories on the phone number +381 64 8939257 (WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram).Telegraf.rs reserves all rights over the content.To download the content, see the instructions on the Terms of Use page.Now the wife will look for another while you are in the dean's office.I allow Telegraf.rs to send me notifications about the latest news